The game : ssbu

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a game in which well -  known video game characters throw or knock the opponent off the stage to a "blast zone". When a character touches “the blast zone” they "explode"/"die". The last one standing wins the game !

SSBU goal explained. By using mario and bowser. Mario attacks Bowser and launches him to the blastzone. As bowser touches the blastzone he dies.

The player rank table (beta)

The player rank table is a table that displays the best players in Luxembourg. The table uses a simplified version of “the elo”. The table editor can be open by entering the code “0” when clicking “Enter admin mode” button. Also read more about the table’s system in the Case-Study page.

Rank Player / Team Team Smash Points
Admin Mode

Who won ?

Against who ?

Now it’s your turn!

Come meet us in SSBU events and test your skills or just enjoy the game with our welcoming community!

event picture me at a event

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