Need to know more before testing  ?

Don't worry, we understand that your time is precious. Therefore, we listed our top reason why you should give Must Watch a try.

Before this, let us spoiler you one of the reasons. This reason is that it is 100% free, we don't want money we just want to share this movie tracking interface with you.

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Reasons why you should give it a try !

  • Track your movies with ease

    How often have you forgotten about movies, you once said you wanted to watch them. It happens to us all the time too !

    This is where Must Watch comes in and saves your movie culture. Don't miss any of your must-watch movies. All you have to do is find your movie, which is easy because we offer you the search in different ways.

    Also, they may just be displayed as you enter the app. Add them to your list and Must Watch keeps you movies stored for you.

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  • We got taste

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    We provide you with the best latest movies there is. The latest movies and the older movies all have a rating you can check and be surer if a movie is probably worth your time.

  • It's 100% free !

    Like mentioned above, Must Watch is free to use. This is because you are not actually watching the movies on our platform. Where you watch your movies is up to you.

    Therefore, we see no reason why we should be selling this service. However, as this service more demands for function, some functions might force us to invest and therefore we may not guarantee that it will stay free forever.

    Never the less, keep in mind our goal is not money we love movies like you so we highly doubt it to be expensive at any point in time.


Mustn't you be watching something !

We won't hold you back any longer an hope you enjoy your movies while using Must WatchThank you for your support and see you on Must Watch.